Friday, April 13, 2012


The universe is made of infinite heavenly bodies. They are called heavenly bodies for a reason. The reason is that every atom, every quark, the tiniest deducible particle of matter can be reduced down to the vast universe, and you know what happens, a vast multitude of permutations and combinations that defy the time space continuum existing only as an illusion. And within that exists little ant like colony of us human beings. But every atom that might make us is unfortunately borne into consciousness. Thank the heavenly non existent Gods, that- that word exists, that word which gives meaning to life.

How arrogant can one be. If only the heavenly bodies went about playing there mythology of gravity and dual existence.

There is no time; no space. Don't be so ignorant. A moment can be millions of light years when objectivity and subjectivity create this multiverse.

Be absurd. Be a freak. Sing to the sky and the sun. Dance in unison. Be the universe.

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