Saturday, September 25, 2010


Oh sailor
oh sailor!

where you float away?

The hail and storms pass
your empty heart away.

Friday, September 10, 2010


As I stood there, hiding the hole in my left shoe, the zebra ballerinas not able to stay secluded behind the black toe nails, an army of beer kegs came rolling, crossing my watery vision. The fifth keg came and slammed itself hard against my foot, now completely inept at saving my little remaining self esteem, and then I remembered. I remembered the joke.

For years I have waited to hear the punchline of that joke.

" There is an amazing lottery joke I know..."

" But I can't tell it to you till I meet you."

Then a black cat crossed me. It bought me back to the present that could not have been as past and present never exist. We believe its only the future that exists, which only disappoints but nevertheless, every time I fall to sleep gracefully with a silent smile on my face, I know that tomorrow will bring me the shower, the sugar water, the unknown wishes which always come true, but still there I was now, unaware of my withered toenail showing through the shameful black hole, as the keg rolled upon my unfortunate toe and I looked up. All I wanted was to know the lottery joke. And that is how this story begins.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


... and the stars will show
where the waters flow
where the gardens grow
that's where I'll meet you.

A minute, a little moment
a moment when the world collides
with fiction and everything in between
comes to play this song

A day arrives without the night
you wish to say it all right
and you say it again and again
it stays in your throat

A century passes by
when you read the cards of future
and everything is left behind
you watch them being all alone

A life begins and end
you watch silently and shed a tear
it was all that could have been
but for the words that were not there