Monday, February 01, 2010


I hereby welcome myself back to my long forgotten world of the blog.

Turns out every blogger has to churn out one of these meaningless self-conversational posts, and well I stopped swimming against the tide of tradition long ago. Infact I stopped swimming an year ago, of course I miss the shallow blue waters, maybe I will get back to it. All those wasteful hours my father spent teaching me to flap like a dolphin only to turn me into a turtle should be honoured.

So, boys and girls, let's enjoy one of those 'personal posts'. Insert applause.

So well, film school is life, home, love, destiny , enter other words of praise and pride. I am old. Hell I am old. Not necessarily a bad thing but it needs to be proclaimed in any trivial form as it can be. The reversal back to infancy will begin after eight more months. All words of wisdom should be censored and any words of wisdom will not be found on my carefully censored blog either.

Technology keeps moving on, emotions keep trailing behind, life remains and so does words.

I write now in a disciplined manner, I make films with a similar sentiment. Someday soon you will read me on your e-book or regular book, watch my film on Youtube or cinema, remember me or keep me on Facebook, whatever works as Woody Allen said and now I say it too.

Come back for more fiction.

Photo you want. I give.

Poetry you want. I give.

Lost and found
key and chain
all the children smile
but love with refrain
we say goodbye
and kiss the rain