Thursday, August 20, 2009

John Doe Way to Go

He is no longer nameless or unknown. John tried for the past one year to find an original notion that could explain the current state of affairs. The stagnation and apathy that has become John’s life. Hence John borrows the same words again, what if one day you find that all your hopes and dreams were the wrong way around.


It is a crazy place to be. Crazier than a school, more maddening than ambition, worse than ageing cells. It’s not that John has become old, nor has he matured. John has simply left behind pieces of himself, for no reason at all. As if he was too lazy to carry himself forward. Better to shed your identity than fight for it. John doesn’t lament this unknown loss. John just doesn’t understand how it happened to him.

This was John. Take it or leave it. John was perfect, untouched, lucky and brilliant. Oh God what did John do to himself.

I am John – John Doe. I have lost myself.

And it’s alright. I am like everyone. I am happy like everyone.