Tuesday, June 30, 2009


They say not belonging anywhere is a good and creative place.

The proclamation document of the State of Delirium adopted such a principle in word and spirit.

The island is situated not on a map but in the points of agreement that its citizens agree upon in their sub conscience.

A great surge in the population was expected since its formation hundreds of centuries ago, but lack of written archaeological proof has left its legitimacy in tatters.

Besides, the inhabitants are too static to venture on a validation trip.

People just belong, without signatures and anthems.

The politics are numerous, none superior to the other, hence rendering it all absent.

Religion was rejected sometime in its turbulent history, again lack of documentation has led to mere resignation amongst the populace.

The geography is complex, with constant transformations, eruptions and extinction.

Each generation re defines the topography, from empty forests, to boiling oceans.

However, the creative extinction of the rest of the world, points to mass emigration, causes of which can't be investigated due to lack of will and widespread delirium of affected parties.

Visitors are hence forth discouraged from seeking the El Dorado of the insane.