Thursday, December 25, 2008


My romance with the city of Delhi has come to its eventual and bittersweet end. The house that had become my home for the past seven years, has been packed up with all my memories and tragedies swept out the iron gate. Its all gone, wrapped in white in the dark basement. The best years of my life, all smug and lonely in a new damp world which will consume the remnants of my beautiful memories. I knew this day was to come. My parallel life in this city that I kept alive in my imagination will end tomrrow. I will never have another excuse to come back here. I have no home to come back to. 

As I bent down to pick up Candy, for the last time in my life, her white coat soaked in my tears. She was excited with the prospect of her daily evening walk. As I handed her leash to her new owners, I couldn't spare her another kiss and ran back into the warmth of my quilt. She's gone to a new home I will never have the heart to visit. I will never be greeted by that crazy lil pup who came into my arms five years ago. She was the only family I had for years and now she doesn't have me. I will never forget my baby. I know she will.

Things changed in the last one year. It wasn't as cold as it should have been. I wasn't the same girl who had left. One last time I did it all again with the same heart and love, as we did for years. The hazelnut coffee, the disgrutled bank cashier, the steaming hot momos, the four ó clock car ride in search of anda paratha, the bolly clubs, druken conversations, warm hugs and sweet goodbyes. My world here will no longer exist. I can see myself at every corner, every turn, every place, with stories that no one will know. Someday that life will return but in someone else's life. Perhaps, the best years of my life will always play themselves out in a parallel cosmos, where we were all happy.