Wednesday, July 02, 2008


It has been an amazing ten days. Exhausting like hell, yes, but every aching muscle was worth the pain, and it wasn't even my shoot. I live for the celluloid and I will probably die for it.

And this time I get to come back to my tiny hostel room, which this rootless girl loves to call her home, to lie in the dark room, the fan forcing itself to complete every revolution, the excitement seeping in with every breath as I listen, and once again feel.

This is what the lost city girl wanted all these years.

And then her forefinger gently touches a metal pad.

The horizontal triangle sinks for a fraction of a second

"this time all I want is you, there is no one else who can take your place"

And a selfish girl has just one last wish.
One last time she wants to share every little detail of her day with him. But she can't.

"But this is what you always wanted Naki."

"I only wanted you."

Too bad, she couldn't say those words. And so she still waits.

Take her away.