Sunday, June 08, 2008


As long as we remember them,
we can see the dead in dreams.

-Junichiro Tanizaki

How will we be remembered? The generation of bitter middle-aged underachievers, who rejected century old values to deserve the little bad karma left behind after the profits had churned forward wheels of development. The intellectually stagnant impersonators of the rotten and rejected American dream; making love on Ikea beds, exercising only our thumbs on ipods, facebooks, toll booths and microwaves, and falling prey to spin doctors with every cup of retail coffee served with breaking news. A generation that inherited a wall free Europe, a war-free Vietnam, a Nehru-free India, only to build a new one through the land of Abraham and Moses, wage another against imagined innocent enemies, and replace the yellow-washed socialist muck with narcissism seeped in consumerism. We are damned worse than the children of Marx and Coke. Even they found redemption. We couldn’t find forgiveness for Castro & Co. or a straw, so we sold the star of Marx’ protégé on T shirts and snorted what we believe to be coke.