Saturday, December 01, 2007


She was indifferent to all her lovers. It was always a convenient arrangement, no strings attached, and they all fussed around. They all wanted the indifferent girl, because she gave the freedom and didn't care. She didn't say love yous. She didn't take the flowers home. She didn't see them ever again. Her heart was a fortress guarded by ice cold feelings. And so they came and went, only the names changed, the setting didn't. Flashing lights and erotic movements reaching out through disenchanted bodies, mocking love for a fickle pursuit. Till it was decided that she was to change; she was to cut out all the lovers she did not need.

The wheels of karma completed infinite revolutions and turned the tables. Now they come back to haunt her. She watches from the bar, ignoring the advances of new men, born to be lovers of the distant kind. She can't take her eyes off him. He was nothing to her. Tonight he was just a car ride and free cocktails. But she couldn't take them anymore. She didn't want his body, the body she always had. She wanted him, in a way she could never have him. It was years too late.

The conversation continued, while her eyes strayed around searching for him. She recognized his act, perfect in its seduction. Years ago, on a similar night she had been the chosen prey, it was another's turn tonight and it would be a matter of minutes before the smiles will be returned and he will return with another conquest. Yes, years ago he could have been the right guy but tonight he was the wrong guy. Of course she chose the wrong guy, while the right guy stood there watching her fall for him.