Saturday, December 22, 2007


Dusty winds blew over the scarred land, a desert not but barren still. Rail tracks stretched beyond the horizon, crossing the mighty kingdom, bearing the load of a temptress. She rode the train, for days and months, as it trudged along, transversing the desert from one corner to another. It never stopped for anyone, just maintained the pace for all of humanity to ride and leave as their destination approached. A constant flow of flesh and blood, frozen brown in the dust waiting for a familiar minar to pass by in the far distance. Men, women and cattle jumping and landing gently on the soft dunes leaving behind ephemeral prints in the sand as the muezzin called out from dusk to dawn.

She did not befit the company of slaves, so traveled heaving and loving the rulers of iron and fire. No one knew when the journey will end, but her dark eyes and voluminous bosom compensated for the long wait. Her legend was contained within the compartment closest to the heart of the train and its men. The windows shielded them from dirty pink mornings, searing yellow afternoons and fiery orange evenings. The nights stood proud in its lustful secret, devoid of any excuses. Through paper thin walls, men could hear them groan and satiate their hunger till she chose them next.

His hands polished her chocolate skin wrapped smug over her glorious body. His fingers kneaded her breasts and his teeth dug deep into her flesh only to make him moan like a dying hyena. The primeval animals rested on rickety benches, waiting to explode with the juice of their insides. She took him in her hands, piercing his grey eyes with her own, but the desert trapped her tonight. Her palms were stung by a hundred spines. She pulled down the cactus skin to find his fleshy head, her hands working expertly, determined to fight the agony. Her tongue touched the promised tip while her blood trickled down her wrists to tickle his thighs. One final cry of pleasure and she drank from him.

Her purple body will be buried by the mighty desert, first covered in a fine sheet of golden sand, then massive dunes till another poisonous secret is lost in the heart of the dark land.