Friday, December 07, 2007


Symphonic rock is not all that bad. Mostly a girl singing about everything dark and burnt, but the synthesizer pieces are pretty interesting, especially the Scottish effects. But I am bored out of my wits. This four day trip to Kuwait is not doing me any good, except keeping me away from driving. Now, I have already done the shopping bit and now poor daddy has banned me from it. Why are mufflers so bloody expensive, they are just fuckin’ mufflers and my mojo is dying without new ones. I can’t figure how to transfer my phonebook to the new motorazr I bought, so I hate it already. The pod’s headphones have started behaving just as I expected them to. They are adding their own brand of music and will die soon. I forgot to download VLC player on the lappie, so can’t even watch the dozen movies I was saving for this trip. And so despite being surrounded by every pleasure inducing goodie in the world, I am stuck watching VH1.

Why JLo why! how could you release such a terrible single and wear those ghastly outfits. I understand your baby bump needs camouflaging but haven’t we learnt anything from Nicole Richie. And Geri Geri Geri, your washboard abs and black bras can’t get you your own Beckham. And, Posh was that you singing, well ten years too late. It really feels like 1997, even the Backstreet Boys have returned, if only they had gravity defying breasts. Sigh, Britney you would have been the winner, for your nipple sticker, torn fishnets and surviving liposuction yet again, if it weren't for Kylie.

Oh Ok, the new Paul McCartney song is worthless, Mister Tankian, why must you go solo, stick to the system, and yes Queen, I fail to find the magic, hope everyone else can find a condom. God, popular culture is depressing me, so I should walk into the sea, strip and yatch hike all the way to Dubai. Time for some Entourage therapy.