Monday, October 29, 2007


When you plant your ass for twenty hours in your car every week.

When you order pseudo Italian dishes for lunch and dinner.

When you conveniently forget you survived on twenty five buck vodka shots at The Supper Factory.

When you make your friends pick you up from Gurgaon but not step inside a bus ever again.

When you untag yourself from all the wonderful pix clicked at Decibel.

When everyone you know pretends Nuovo Cinema Paradiso is their favourite movie.

When you change your clock widget's design every time you change your wallpaper.

When you have a laptop that displays widgets.

When you realise cigarettes really do beat stress.

When you know what a DMAT account is.

When you have an access card that you use for discounts at media nights.

When you ask people to meet you at Bristol and not at gol chakkar.

When you pay five hundred buck rental on your Vodafone.

When you don't remember what dairy milk tasted like.

When you join salsa classes and never attend.

When you have a psychic lifestyle guru's number in your phonebook to discover untapped psychic impulses that help unleash hidden creative ideas.

When you jump up in joy every time soni de nakhre plays.

When all your colleagues have a pod clipped on.

When you catch the 10:50 pm show at the Cineplex.

When you type out this post on an application called Dark Room 0.8

When you miss the irony, that is this photograph of a rebellious, disillusioned, hateful, twisted, desolate Anki who would have eaten a live squid than done any of the above.