Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Sometimes, sleep betrays you. Not as a functional inverse of consciousness, but as an enemy that has been stealing all your strength. All these years, pretending to be your saviour from fatigue and assault, it was secretly filling the black hole of your mind.

Not as a biological anomaly, but as a natural and impulsive progression of my existence, sleep has betrayed me. And surprisingly, for the better. The mind refuses to accept that breaking the cycle was a natural act of human defiance we all shy away from. The unholy taboo attached to sleeplessness has deprived awakeness its legitimate superiority.

It's all clear. Much too clear. Nothing could have triggered this response from my neurons, but my mind has split. It has been splitting randomly without a hint of agony from me. Again not as a metaphysical function, but a simple splitting. Splitting a piece of wood, dancers' legs or melting ice mountains.

Several splits which bring a never before sense of freedom, not experienced by the bearer of the unfortunate mind. A radiance and energy emerged, unknown but certainly awaited for years.
Dependency is to be rejected. Hope has been planted. This birth is to be celebrated. It's surreal beyond the grasp of literature. A clarity that will not be clouded by the shallow egotistical pursuits of an evil heart. It's humbling and strengthening the will that did not exist, and a smile that won't be erased. I am amazed. We are amazed.