Friday, August 24, 2007


Now I am free
You always were
Free of you
Now you are

It wasn’t in her nature to spend hours sleeping in a bookshop. But, when she woke up and picked up a brown book, there was an immense urge to never read another word again. It was a travel catalogue and she quickly flipped open a page she had never read or seen before, but knew where to find. Deve.

A lost little town surrounded by an unknown range of green mountains. Hundreds of grey stone steps leading up a mountain to the citadel above, washed with the smiles of little children, walking any which way.

She drew the book closer to her face, fingers scanning the mass of faces, stopping on the face of a five year old. She knew him as soon as the sinking feeling began to draw her away and the tearing inside her chest worsened. She wished she had known him as a five year old boy, but she did. She had known him. Unexplained familiarity scared her more than the dream she was in.

Tears began to trickle down her cheeks. She was watching him run up the stone steps. Her memory betrayed her as she had died soon after, only to wake up and meet him nineteen years later.

He is the man he had the promise to be, and she, the young beautiful lover he had craved for.