Friday, June 15, 2007


It is hard to breathe. The lungs strain to feel the gush of air. Cold air surrounds every inch of your body. Breathe. I can feel it. It never comes back. When there was sadness and happiness chasing you around every corner of the road. Every restless minute spent lying down was made up of smiles and glistening eyes. Waking up in the early hours to find sleepless eyes listening to another man croon about his lost love, rising and falling with the bursting of my heart. It happens. The song is to make you run. Run so far. Please. Faster. Running away from buried memories. So fast. Memories never catch up. It never happens. Smiles and glistening eyes, remember. Remember too well. Remember the people. Remember the innocence lost. It was. Pure. Red. Black. Colours. Forever.

Lovers long forgotten. Nails dead and discarded. Songs unknown.

Do you remember? Do you bring it back? Do you wait?

Breathe somehow. Something is exploding. The songs are all silent now.

I'll follow you.

The stars have gone blue.