Saturday, June 02, 2007


A blue haze was cutting through the large windows, unopened for a century it seemed and the packing tapes stuck all along the steel frames, confirmed the fact.

Oh... I gotta say... and.. unhur... keppp sujjjjj... lossss.... wearing me... doppp... find... are you... theee

The song was perhaps still reaching his ears, but he had been asleep for six hours and his barely conscious self was dreaming with these muffled words filling in as a background score. The walls were white, reflecting the bluish glow from the street and the brown couch placed below the window probably served as a quick escape route from nothing in particular. He lay there, half-dead from exhaustion and half-awake with expectations of a knock that he knew was not coming till autumn. His bare back showed signs of tanning and his feet were painted black with multiple layers of neglected dead skin -- another gift from the icy winter gone by.

He always welcomed summers with a cheerful smile and pink ears. The sun bothered most of his countrymen, but he loved the warming sensation on his skin that effortlessly erased winter's damage to his pale skin. Its newly acquired tinge of cream highlighted the scorpion's tail on his right shoulder and the red sting shone a deep crimson. But, more then anything else, hie eyes mesmerised his own sweet vanity as they split into tiny specks of green, scattered like disobedient asteroids in a dusty brown galaxy of his pupil.

It had been a woman who first noticed this anomaly in Abel, and as his alarmed mother fought with the doctor, refusing to believe that her little boy's eyes can change their colour without any significant drawbacks, he marveled at the discovery of yet another reason that set him apart. Before, long women not known to his mother found his deceiving eyes as endearing as his clever words and willfully helped him discover their playful side.