Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I just stopped. I don't move forward. I don't even try to evolve and willingly chose to be static. I am too comfortable just standing stoned to one spot in time.

And then she'd shout... down the line... tell me she's got no more time...

Procrastination has reached insane levels, wherein I sit and take online procrastination tests devised by ze University of Calgary, only so that I can procrastinate more by filling the long questionnaire meant to diagnose the severity of my condition and cure me of this ubiquitous curse. However, nothing can help me, for I have no idea why am I simply stuck. I have no complaints, no regrets, no tears and no sorrows. I am satisfied and discontent, continuing the streak of contradiction I was born to represent, but its not bad... everything is perfect.

And then she'd scream... in my face... tell me to leave... leave this place.

I am still procrastinating, and blogging instead of doing my office work and at the same time I am losing my freelance assignments faster than Bush is losing his approval ratings. I did not apply to any of the schools, I have been dreaming of since I was sixteen and watched the dates go by. I just don't see the point.

But, I did put on 1431 songs on my playlist to revisit some old forgotten tunes and I am happy.

We can't get back again
we can't get back again
she takes a drink and then she waits
the alcohol it permeates...

I can just sit here for the next 64 hours, 23 minutes and 5 more seconds, listening to it all. Even "We will rock you" by Five, just so that I can recount the years gone by, the people who came and left and mourn for the dead rebellious girl who sits in her cosy cold room lamenting everything she has.

And the God of wine is crouched down in my room
You let me down
I said it...
now I am going down
And you're not even around.