Wednesday, April 18, 2007


“But... where do I... yes that street …. no… uh….”

Her white shirt, drenched in the sweat of her fear, stuck to her back like a charm and sent frigid chills down her spine. She was winning the chase and those unknown faces, haunting her could not find her in the labyrinth of streets and shops. If only she knew where this place was, she could emerge from the maddening maze of the crowded chaotic colony of lamas, children, pebbles, all swimming together in a blurry of fantasy unknown.

“ You can’t emerge.”

Another unknown voice bellowing from nowhere confirmed her fears.

“Look around… they will keep coming.”

“But… who?”

“Everyone selling ornaments… red ornaments”

One narrow path branched into four more, each proliferating into hundreds, maybe thousands. Each lined with vapid smiles of lamas draped in red robes, selling ornaments from centuries ago.