Thursday, February 22, 2007



really am


love with you.

I miss you like damn... HELL and I can't live my life because of you!... IT's not a reproach! IT's a reality that hurts and it makes me... wanna smell every molecule of your body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please SAY something to me. I need you! I NEED YOU to tell me something, anything that may make me move on to the next step of my reality... an aspect I so much deplore into the unknown. WHY have YOU come into my life?

Good night "crazy lil' gurl"...MY gurl...

Please believe in my test-tubeish love!!! It is as sincere as it can ever be and... as strong as I could never consider it to be in my profane life.

My heart must've beaten way too fast 'cause... I got up in the middle of the night... sweating. What are you doing to me?!!!!

Well, I miss you, too. Never doubt that. I miss you more now ...

.... I need to say this...
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!
as simple as that!

Oh ... you don't know what you mean to me!!!!!
honestly!!!!! and.... I don't think you ever will!

it is raining...slowly and..... sarcastically
leaking as if it didn't want to... but it its doing a favour
hold me tight

I am sorry if I fooled you lately!

...besides… isn't love.... meeting the figment of your imagination...

Why must you ask such questions? I don't want to be with anybody right now!

What don't you understand? I read a book in school and I fell in love with that character!
I'm not in the mood to talk in metaphors
It's no metaphor!
I mean it!
I have met this girl and she is like that character.