Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Laziness and eternal love for your own mattress can make life extremely comfortable or add your name to the list of Delhi’s road accident causalities. I wished to catch some sleep at 5 am and decided its better I head home rather than sleep in Pamposh Enclave. The moon was orange and empty Delhi roads were an open invitation to the sleepy girl.

I can’t stand to fly... I am not that naive
I had a job... I had a gurlll
She's my girl... she’s my Supergirl
When you try your best... but you don’t succeed
So long ago, I don't remember when... that's when they say I lost my only friend
Well they said she died easy of a broken heart disease...

Perfect song for this cold-cold morning and the nice white smoke; it’s almost heaven.

And now, the little white disfigured casper-like foggy spirits started flying towards my headlight - a little too frequently.

But me and Cinderella... we put it all together
wecan drive it home... with one headlight

Now a mob of fog-ghosts started colliding with the car and I knew it was time to inaugurate the fog lamps, which were the sole difference between a Zen VX and LX.

If only I knew where the switches were.

I swear on swear words, I will never dare to drive through a million quintals of cotton.

Another ghostly white creature appeared - a confident Mother Dairy milk truck. I decided to follow it, hoping it will hit someone or something before I do. Mother was always right - milk is good for the bones.

And she'd say... It's all right... I got home late last night
but I'm a Supergirl... and Supergirls just fly.



I started running towards the car parked at the end of the dark road. It really was raining. But, these drops from heaven were unable to drench me in smiles and careless whistling. Today, they were stinging spines, invisible to my eyes,
crystal orbs sticking precariously to the panes. The bigger ones were fated to roll down and disappear in a rubbery mass, but not before taking the smaller drops with them.
Why must I hate the rains when I love it so much?