Wednesday, January 31, 2007


My journalism background has endowed my blog with certain editorial standards, which are going to be temporarily suspended. What follows is an intellectually creative enterprise, devoid of everything I stand for: Freedom, liberty, equality... ok fine political corrected-ness, intellect, rock n ' roll, humour, Italian food, sober sanity, depth and so on.....

Before all of you start flagging my blog, the song refers to PP - who is racist to the core and is extremely distrustful of Parsee men; and not Miss Jane Goody, though I have to admit she was the true inspiration... and you too Snoop Dogg...
I so wanna fuck you... (you already know)

me: main jaa raha tha sabzi mandi
raste me mili Shilpa Shetty
PP: usne mujhe pakadai ek peti
me: peti me thi Jane Goody
PP: jiski hai kismet footi
me: all the people say
racist moti
PP: ho gayi thi woh thodi bhoody
me: racist moti
all my doggie say
PP: akal hai iski K.H.O.T.I
me: racist moti
Anki feat sleepy PP
PP: uh uh
me: sonotic records
all u hot mamas n mamis
racist moti
chachas love racist moti
she got a black booty
PP: bum chiki bum bum piki piki
jispe padegi mero jootii
me: gappa bas
PP: gheun takkkkkkkkk
ohhh mikeee tum kyaa keh rahe ho... mujhe samajh nahin aa raha

(The rights to this song are reserved by "My Shrink Died", eventhough we forgot to inform the rest of the band members about our existence two years ago. All litigations and fuck offs should be addressed to PP as she is the racist moti and hence solely liable for all damages.)