Wednesday, December 27, 2006


aaaaand we can liiiiiive this dream together.... staaaaaaaaaanding strooong forever ... nuuuuuuuthin'sssss gonna stop us nowwwwwww .......

"So I have lost my edge...huh... "

Yes I have... so by virtue of some unknown theory which everyone pretends exists but really does not, as no one really understands Freud but quotes him everytime sex or snakes are mentioned, and I tend to mention him when I pretend to uphold feminist ideals because some teachers pretended that Freud was sexist, and so again by virtue of the same unknown theory, I presume he was a sexist without actually ever reading him....and I thus pronounce that this blog is also going to loose its "edge".

Again let's pretend that it had some of that "edge thingy" without anyone really thinking so.

Now that I have misplaced my "edge" and the key to the terrace, I am less upset about the receding Dead sea and dandruff. After this, my blog will enter the New year which is nothing but countries left of Fiji beginning to pretend at short intervals of time that it's time to break the bubbly, scream, dance and celebrate the arrival of 00:00 hours and then it'll be 00:01 hours and so on. Since, this year has left me with not a single piece of my carefree and arrogant past, I want to pretend that I have no such plans and sleep through the one holiday I get on January 1st.

Sigh... Edge!!! ... please come back.

In the past weeks, I discovered that I enjoy cooking dinner for myself eventhough I spent the last seven years pretending I can't even cook maggi due to sheer laziness, and I love coming home early in the evenings for my little doggie, guilty that she was alone. So when did I become the girl with turmeric stains on her nails, devoid of all desires to stay out after 9 pm?

But, this year has been my favourite inspite of being painful at times. I transformed from a careless twenty-year old to a slightly more mature twenty-one year old girl, making decisions that might have changed the entire course of my next five years and my afterlife. This time the year-ending indeed deserves a bubbly, a cheer and some celebration.

Now that the last missing piece of my perfect photograph has arrived in the form of a friend travelling all the way from Pune to surprise me and ruin my precious sleep on Christmas eve along with me having bought the most beautiful hand-knit black muffler; it's time to trek up to PP's terrace with a lot of cuppa, nachos, Fergie, dirty jokes, friends and freezing toes, so that we can pretend to be primates who will reverse the evolutionary cycle when our un-matched watches strike midnight.

my cruuuuuell deeee-viceeeeee.... yourrrrrr bl-oooooood like ice.... i want to kiss but your lips are..... venomoussssss poisonnnnnnnnn.....