Friday, December 29, 2006


"kill me Sarah
kill me again with love
it's gonna be a glorious day"

Not that my luck has changed. Not that I believe in luck. Not that I believe in the supernatural powers of a black mole painted in the centre of my left palm. Not that this mole has begun to dissapear an year after it appeared out of nowhere. Not that I care about its presence or dissapearance . Not that I trust the lucky charm my mother put around my neck a month ago to be my bodyguard. Not that I remember the palmists and other forms of self-obsessed superheros who proclaimed I will get married at the age of twenty. Not that I never considered that prophecy to be punishable under the Child Marriage Restraint Act.

Not that I want to know where I will go during the next decade.
Not that fate has not been kind to me.
Not that I am not scared.
Just that a song is stuck in my head.