Sunday, November 05, 2006


(The Killers)

Two blood tests and twenty doses of anti-biotics later, my body continues to burn, my head weighs forty kilograms and my nose is incapable of inhaling oxygen. I am scared to visit the doctor again, lest he pronounces that I am suffering from hypochondria.

There is a fork stuck in my throat which mercilessly twists and turns with every coughing bout while Khaled's voice calling out to Aicha haunts me. To make it worse, the damn cough syrups are useless.

So the insomnia brings me back to my beloved blog.

As I lay in my bed, too lazy to spit out the phlegm or snort it in, the drama that unfolds everyday on our television sets finally managed to infect my passive state of mind.

Yes, Manu Sharma deserves a fair trial.
But, did the Lall family deserve a tirade of hostile witnesses, a prejudiced prosecution, intimidation and a verdict which proclaimed that nobody shot Jessica dead?

Oh wait, the accused is innocent until proven guilty.
Strangely enough, Zaheera is behind bars.
Perhaps, Manu Sharma will be sent to the gallows and will be "hanged until death".
I wonder if the sixteen other clemency petitioners on the death row enjoyed the rare privilege of a fair trial.

It turns out "trial by media" can attract contempt proceedings.
So, I guess the media is better off restricting itself to wardrobe malfunctions in fashion shows which are excuses for throwing parties in the honour of designers who managed to bag one pathetic buyer while the others spend their nights sabotaging their creations.

Now that another case has been filed against Rakhi Sawant for moral outrage and obscenity , I can rest assured that Indian society's morality is intact.
Besides, its perfectly fine if hundreds of men continue to mouth obscenities and gesture suggestively in public. What the hell, she is an item girl, she asked for it!

Infact, it hardly matters that Indian music channels have been forced to practice self-censorship.
Afterall, Indian men and their dormant libidos are vulnerable to women dancing in music videos and they might get seduced by their gyrating bodies.
Nevermind, 63% of them are active consumers of porn and I can no longer enjoy the corrupting influence of Western musicians and their videos after midnight.

It doesn't shock me anymore that 100 farmers committed suicide in the past 5 days in Vidarbha alone.

Well, 14,000 others did too in the last 5 years, but never will a corrupt bureaucrat or a politician be held responsible for it, let alone be awarded capital punishment.
I mean its not rare anymore, is it?

Aaaaaaaahhhh...its time to make another cup of black coffee, to resist the urge of reading Frost and to add a fourth song to my fuckin playlist.

Oh yeah , one last desperate sip of the cough syrup.