Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Finally she got a chance to slap his arm away and look out of the window angrily. She knew the smile will return in a moment and she will find herself on a deserted street, in a strange room or a comfortable couch. She started whispering something in his mouth not knowing what it was and giggled when he squeezed her ass.

It must have been a minute or maybe more, but their limbs were entangled and she did not want to waste any more time. His hungry lips were kissing her neck, his tongue found its way to her naval, followed by his cold breath on the bare skin. She was conscious of his hand caressing the fabric of her panties and her body rose in response to its movements.

His face was buried in her breasts and the muffled moans sounded funny. She looked down and strangely enough he was not there.

How is this possible...he is right there!
Hey, I can see the stars from here.
Is that the phone buzzing on the floor?
Is it nine or ten...
What the fuck... I am actually getting bored?
Ok buddy, this is... soooooo not happening!

She kissed him for a few minutes. He hugged her tightly and mumbled, "It doesn't matter", or something like that. Maybe it was another "I love your eyes". She did not care. She was concentrating on saying the right words. He started smiling at her innocent face and squeezed her hand . She smiled back at him and pulled his cheeks.

She felt sad.

If only it was him and not him.