Sunday, October 01, 2006


I wanted to write this post quite some time ago, but last week when I accidently stumbled upon the TV remote with batteries that had expired long before they made it to my remote control- I knew it was time to puke this out.

I managed to steer my way to HBO and was delighted to catch the only commercial hollywood movie that captured my imagination and introduced me to the concept of self-loathing seven years ago (and continues to do so)- Reality Bites. This witty movie, the brainchild of Ben Stiller (don't be really is his baby!) failed at breaking the cliches but continues to enjoy the loving embrace of the 'college-graduate' generation.

I was infatuated by Troy Dyer throughout my teen years- the tortured artiste, a brooding slacker and an idealistic misfit. Since last tuesday (I think) I am back to being smitten by Ethan Hawke (obviously the 1994 version of him) and the rest of the characters, but I realised that it used to be easier to mock the American "Gen-X" for trying to realise the "American Dream" and all that was promised to them.

Today, the "me-at-21" is petrified and disgusted to see traces of it all in my peers and myself.

Did the tentacles of globalisation somehow manage to poison the very generation that was its first ever guinea pigs in a "globalised" India?

Six months after graduation why am I mumbling the exact same vocabulary that the American generation of the 90s identified with?

Its not about coca-cola and pizza, master-card and GUESS, sex and MTV.

Its about creativity and TRPs, independent ideas and "India Inc.", Ankita and me.

As I continue to dream of the beauty I see; of capturing it some day; of saving it for some time, I hope I find my way beyond this reality- the one that bites.

Don't want no big TV or flashy garage, never would cut it in no corporate job
people see me coming - they say look at that slob
cause me you see
i'm nuthin
-Ethan Hawke